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Healthcare Facility Compliance by BRAND Services of Connecticut and Pennsylvania
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Healthcare Facility Compliance by BRAND Services of Connecticut and Pennsylvania
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BRAND sells Life Safety Binder Tabs for Physical Environment Standard & Element of Performance for Environment of Care, Life Safety and Emergency Management. The tabs allow for easy assembly of your organization's Joint Commission accredited policies for the Physical Environment documentation and for ease of demonstrating compliance during a survey.
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Regulatory and Accreditation Specialists Healthcare Facility Compliance

BRAND's Joseph Glaski, MBA, FASHE will be a speaker at the 2017 NYS HEALTHCARE FACILITIES CONFERENCE
Turning Stone Resort Casino
5218 Patrick Road, Verona, NY 13478
Monday, October 2, 2017 4:00 PM

Title: Inspecting & Maintaining Swinging Egress & Fire Doors

NFPA 101, Life Safety Code (2012 edition) requires certain swinging doors to be annually inspected and tested to ensure they function as intended by the Code. NFPA 101 also requires swinging fire doors to be annually inspected and tested in accordance with NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives (2010 edition), and NFPA 105, Standard for Smoke Door Assemblies and Other Protectives (2010 edition). Facilities management personnel can be trained to perform these safety inspections in-house, as well as the routine and preventative maintenance work needed to keep doors in working condition.
Establishing a tier-based priority system for the on-going monitoring and maintenance of swinging doors is essential to an effective door maintenance program.
This education session explains the safety inspection and testing requirements of NFPA 101 and NFPA 80, in conjunction with door usage types and door maintenance priority levels. Participants will be provided examples of non-compliant and compliant fire door features identified during a fire door inspection. Handouts include sample inspection checklists and forms.

CMS adopts 2012 edition
of Life Safety Code
Effective July 5, 2016
Let BRAND help you transition
into the new code.
Click Here for the CMS Press Release

Founded in 1994 BRAND has modeled and established itself as full service Healthcare consulting and facility deficiency remediation company. A unique feature of BRAND's service is working with facility directors and maintenance staff to address all aspects of owning and operating a hospital facility and maintaining code and oversight agency compliance. From conducting SOC and mock surveys to repairing identified fire and life safety deficiencies, our value is based on maintaining compliance.

BRAND'S professional service expertise includes regulatory compliance assessments, SOC surveys, Mock Surveys, EC, EM and LS Evaluations, DNV -NIAHO consulting, Fire Safety Equivalency Surveys, Utilities Inventory Management, Fire Door Inspections, Fire Damper Inspections, Fire Barrier Inspection, Firestopping and Fireproofing.

BRAND'S repair and deficiency remediation services include, Firestopping, Fire and Smoke Damper Repairs, Fire Door Repair and Replacement, Firestopping, Fireproofing and Barrier Repairs and Upgrades.

Reducing cost and improving efficiency. The benefit of retaining BRAND - a full service turn key consulting and repair provider, is an overall improvement in daily operations, operation continuity within the facility, a substantial reduction in unresloved code deficiencies and cost associated with code compliance.


"Thank you for all the great help and advice you provided, during our preparation for Joint Commission. As the “Environment of Care” and “Life Safety” surveyors stated, “it is very, very rare that a hospital does not receive at least one citation on its documentation”.

Not only did you help us achieve a perfect review on our documentation, but you also helped us save numerous dollars in repair and replacement costs. Our estimated cost savings was well over $100,000 dollars.

Although we had two other firms conduct pre-Joint Commission inspections, they were not as thorough, nor did they provide any follow up services. Prior to the survey, your updates from other healthcare organizations, kept us abreast of changes and varying Joint Commission targets. During the survey, your articles and guidance on responses to the Joint Commission helped us immeasurably.

Thank you again for all your help."

W. Schneck
Director Plant Operations
RWJ Hospital Hamilton